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Lake Eyasi

Get to accompany with Bushmen early in the morning to hunt!This is one of the most enriching and memorable activities with hadzabe tribe to experience an authentic African cultural


Lake Eyasi is the mildly alkaline lake in the central rift valley stretching for about 50 kilometres to the southwest. to the northeast the horizon is dominated by the ngorongoro crater highlands to the north beyond an escarpment the plains of the Serengeti plateau.

Over 100 year ago when the stronger Maasai tribes moved into the Ngorongoro and Serengeti, the Datoga and other indigenous bushmen living there were pushed south. Most of them made lake Eyasi and its surrounding bush and forest to their home. From lake Eyasi sou can visit the Hadzabe tribe who are hunter  and gatherers believed to have lived for nearly 10000 years. their language is characterised by clicks and maybe distantly related to that of the San Bushmen of South Africa. The Lifestyl of the Hadzabe still depending and hunting and gathering traditions. it is believed around 1200- 13000 Hadzabe people living in Tanzania.


Guided walking safari, Visit the local tribes Hadzabe bushmen and the blacksmith Datoga tribes and visiting an onion agricultural communities. 

How to get there:

It is 3 hours drive from Arusha.

When to go:

All year round

Where to stay:

there are number of options in the area to suit any budget,we recommend:

Inside the conservation Area:

-Kisima Ngeda Tented Camp

-Lake Eyasi Safari  Lodge

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