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Tarangire National Park

This is the Elephants Paradise breathtaking.Witness the largest concentration of elephants in the world especially during the dry season in the Tarangire river and Silale swamp. Tarangire National Park is a prime attraction in the northern circuit of Tanzania´s tourist sceneThe home to the giant Baobab trees(the upside down trees)and different varieties of vegetation, with the high density of herbivores and predators.


Tarangire national park is famaous for large concentrations of elephants in the world also known as the “Elephants paradise”,spectacular scenic baobab trees,acacia woodlands,and several swamps and marshes.Tarangire national park has covered an area of 2850 sq kms[about 1100 sq miles] named after the tarangire river the important source of water in the park which flows through the center of the park.

With the surreal ,baobab trees dominating the landscape of tarangire,the silhouetted trees provide breathtaking photographic opportunities.Regularly visited by tarangires`substantial  elephant population,the baobab trees Also play host to arguably the best birdlife diversity in eastern Africa with some 500 different species have been recorded.

During the dry season especially july to October sheer volume of plains animals the  herds of zebras,and wildebeests from across maasai steppe being drawn to the permanent water source the Tarangire river which forms the spine of this park.This makes Tarangire national park the most significant dry season refuge for ungulates in the well known Tarangire ecosystem.There are different vegetation zones ranging from acacia woodland and riverine grassland and rocky hilltops giving a true wild sensational.

Between them they support large numbers of wildlife including large herds of elephants,zebras,wildebeests,implas,giraffes,bufalloes,elands,kudus,waterbucks as well the predators like lions,leopards,cheetahs and  wild dogs.

Experience Tarangire national park:

We recommend 2 days in the park due to its size and diversity.This can be planned at the starts or towards the end of your northern circuit safari itinerary.It is also possible to arrange a day tour from Arusha.Contact our experts  how you can include tarangire national park in your itinerary.

Experience Arusha national park:A visit to this park can be a day excursion part of moumt meru day hike or a broader safari itinerary encompassing visits to other northern national parks.Contact our experts how you can include arusha national park in your itinerary.


Day game drives, night game drive[in close proximity to the park] and walking safaris and bird watching also hot air balloon as well.

How to get to this park:

It is about 2.5 hours[120km]drive from arusha.

When to go:year around except during the long rain season[april and may].due to the nature of soil and vegetation becomes difficult to enjoy game drive.

Where to stay:There area  number of options in area to suit almost any budget,we recommend the following lodges and camps;

1:inside the park

Tarangire sopa lodge:

Tarangire safari lodge:

Tarangire swala camp:

Angata camp:

2:outside the park

Maramboi tented camp:

Burunge tented camp:

Tarangire tree tops:

Olivers camp:

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