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Experience the best of Zanzibar island and its unforgettable historical sites of the “old stone town”while its “spice island” offers exotic scents and flavours unique in the world that will astonish you!


Zanzibar island is a semi-autonomous state of Tanzania and part of the wider Zanzibar archipelago, made up of over 50 islands ranging from tiny outcrops in the middle of the Indian ocean to the larger more populated islands of pemba and Unguja,the official name for Zanzibar.The island itself is just six degrees south of the equator.The island of Unguja is separated from mainland Tanzania by a shallow channel 37 km across at its narrowest point.It is 73 km from Dar es salaam on the Tanzania coast and 219 km from Mombasa on the Kenya coast.The capital of Unguja island is stone town.Pemba has three major towns;Wete,Chake chake,and Mkoani.Zanzibar has about 25 beautiful beaches on the north and east coast of the island, the perfect place to relax after your African safari and mountain trekking.

Zanzibar has enjoyed a complex and turbulent history.Ancient pottery demonstrates that traders from Arabia,the Persian gulf and india probably visited Zanzibar as early as the 1st century AD.The island was a strategic stop-off point that gave traders accesss to Africa´s Swahili coast.From the 1500s the Portuguese Empire colonized the island until it fell under the control of the sultanate of Oman in 1698.In 1890 Zanzibar became a British protectorate,eventually gaining independence in 1963.By early 1964 the republic of Zanzibar and pemba became incorporated into mainland Tanganyika to become the united Republic of Tanzania.Today, the island is reach in Arabian and Indian influences,evident in the varying architectural styles of stone town ,an ancient town in east Africa’s coast known for variety of spices and the traditional fishing dhows on the ocean.Stone town is a fascinating maze of narrow streets that lead to explore.

Discover mosques,churches,darajani market place and sultan´s place.House of wonders etc.You can do snorkeling ,diving,sailing or fishing,also you can do a spice farm tours and more of cultural and historical activities.

When to go

Zanzibar is a year-round destination.The coolest month are June through October,when the temperature averages 26 Celsius.This can soar to well over 30 Degrees in the hot season from December to March.During November (´the short rains´)and between April and June (`the long rains´),rainfall is higher.Rain in Zanzibar comes in short,sharp showers in the morning or afternoon,followed by the return of the sunshine.High season is June,July and August,and mid November to early January.During these periods many of the more up markets hotels may increase their prices,but smaller establishments and local guest houses keep their prices constant throughout the year.

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