Lake Manyara National Park

Incredible Birdlife & Magnificent Views

Lake Manyara is home to tree climbing lions. With its scenic tropical rain forest, this unique and relatively small national park boasts incredible birdlife and magnificent views from the Great Rift Valley. Lake Manyara is known for its huge salt water lake, filled with lesser and some greater flamingos.

Lake Manyara National Park is located 125 km south-west of Arusha town. It is one of Tanzania's smaller national parks, with most of its area covered by the lake. The majority of the land area of the park is narrow strip running between the Great Rift Valley wall to the west and Lake Manyara, an alkaline or soda-lake to the east.

Lake Manyara National Park is a beautiful park with its evergreen vegetation and tropical forests of giant fig and mahogany trees. The park is famous for its tree climbing lions who spend most of the day spread out along the branches of sausage trees and acacia.

The park is particularly noted for its huge herds of buffalo and elephant, also giraffes, hippos, reedbucks, warthog, wildebeests, zebras as well as large troops of baboons and monkeys.

Tree climbing lions, Lake Manyara
Pelican launching on to the air

Birdlife is so abundant there are more than 400 different species including flamingo, pelicans, storks, heron, hornbills, plenty of forest and water birds species without forgetting raptors as well.

Lake Manyara National Park is a real birdwatcher's paradise.


In Lake Manyara National Park you can do:

  • Day and night game drives
  • Canoeing
  • Mountain bike tours outside the park
  • Walking safaris down the Great Rift Valley escarpment with beautiful views of Lake Manyara
  • Cultural safaris around mto wa mbu village
  • Walkway through the canopy of Manyara Forest over the walking bridge

How to Get There

The park is 2 hours drive from Arusha.

When to Go

All year round although there are some exceptions in the event of extreme weather conditions, especially during a long rainy season.

Experience Lake Manyara

We recommend one day in this park due to its size. Also, a day trip can be arranged due to its close proximity to Arusha.

Contact our experts on how you can include Lake Manyara National Park in your itinerary.

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